Xbox One and Kinect

Review & Description

The Xbox One is among the most advanced gaming consoles ever designed, especially in terms of entertainment. In order to achieve this great feat, the manufacturers of the device did something that was unprecedented. They created a state-of-the-art gaming Operating System which they fused with a powerful windows OS. This allowed gamers to have the best of both worlds. With the Xbox One, you do not need to switch inputs to play a game or watch TV; you can run various applications right alongside the game without any loss of performance.

The Xbox One combines its CPU, GPU and ESRAM for the ultimate gaming experience. It is the same as having a super computer. In addition to its raw power, the Xbox One is also very high-speed. It effectively uses its power to create a lightning fast gaming experience. The device has over 40 technological innovations. Some of them include its new impulse triggers which deliver precise fingertip feedback for a more realistic gaming experience.

The Xbox One comes with a Kinect feature that was completely re-engineered so that gamers can take full advantage of it. It’s now more precise, intuitive and responsive. With its unparalleled vision, voice and motion technology, UK seasoned gamers can have the ultimate entertainment experience. You can navigate through your favourite UK shows using the sound of your voice, or accelerate through a game using simple gestures. The Kinect Xbox One feature is absolutely ideal for the new generation of UK gamers.

The following are some of the main aspects of the all-new Kinect:

Real Vision
With real vision technology, your field of view is significantly increased. Using the all-new active IR camera, gamers are able to see in the dark. In addition, the Xbox One’s 3D advanced geometry allows gamers to know if they are standing off-balance.

Real Motion
Using real motion technology, the Xbox One is able to track even the slightest gestures. This makes your gaming experience more precise.

Real Voice
This particular application of the Xbox One focuses on relevant sounds by using a newly designed multi-microphone array. With its advanced noise isolation, Kinect knows who to listen to, even if the room happens to be crowded. In addition, gamers can also use their voice to launch any particular Xbox One experience from anywhere in the system. This allows for quick movement from one item to another.

Obviously, due to the various technological advancements of the Xbox One, the price of the device is also quite steep, which some have criticized. However, considering all its new features, UK gamers can be assured that their money will be well spent.


  • Blu-Ray/DVD
  • 8GB DDR3
  • 8GB Flash Memory
  • 8 Core AMD custom CPU
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Kinect 2
  • Cloud Storage
  • Skype
  • SmartGlass App
  • HDMI input and output